On the island

When planning a trip to Goli Otok, it is important to keep an eye on the weather forecasts, and postpone the excursion in case bad weather is forecast. Thunderstorms, heavy showers and hurricane-force winds can make both getting to the island and being there not only unpleasant, but potentially life-threatening. In sunny weather, UV protection is necessary. It is advisable to wear outdoor footwear and to bring a windbreaker, sunglasses and enough drinking water.

When disembarking at the quay, note the appearance and name of the vessel that brought you to the island and the agreed departure time. The recommended tour of the island (visiting locations 1-8) takes around 60 minutes by foot, with a mild ascent on a section of the path. During the summer tourist season, the “Pržun” restaurant, located at the Goli Otok quay, offers refreshments. During the summer season, it is also possible to buy water and souvenirs from a nearby quayside kiosk. The wastebins and sanitary facilities are located at the quay (other than on the excursion vessels). There is no public lighting on the islands, or overnight stay facilities.

Moving around the island outside the marked route requires special preparation, and is not recommended. Walking along cliffs should be avoided, as there is a danger of falling. Entering the derelict buildings should also be avoided, due to the danger that the ceiling beams might collapse, as well as because of the large amounts of broken glass and metal on the ground. There is no health service on the island. In case of injury, contact the crew of the vessel that brought you to the island, or call 112. Lighting fires, climbing rocks, throwing stones or destroying property is forbidden on the island.